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Our passionate team of veterinarians and staff members committed to providing exceptional care for your pets. Get to know the faces that make a difference in your furry friends’ lives.

Get To Know Our Team!

Our veterinary team is dedicated to keeping your pet well! We spend countless hours every year attending seminars and lectures to provide our patients with the most current and leading-edge medical care.


Dr. Tina McGrath

Veterinarian and Practice Owner

Dr Tina McGrath is a dedicated and experienced veterinarian with over 33 years of heartfelt commitment to the well-being of animals. Tina has owned and managed veterinary practices in Southern Ontario, including Windrush Veterinary Services and Bronte Village Animal Hospital, along with previously owned clinics, Binbrook Animal Hospital, and Glanbrook Veterinary Services in the region.

Professional Journey: Tina began with a solid educational foundation while attending the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph and graduating with honors in 1990. Her unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine has ensured that the next 33 years were full of learning opportunities that included certifications in rehabilitation, acupuncture, and musculoskeletal ultrasound, to name a few. With an unwavering spirit, she embraces the opportunities and challenges that each day in the field brings.

Ownership and Leadership: With gratitude, Tina acknowledges her role as a practice owner, recognizing the privilege of contributing to her community and providing quality veterinary care. Her experience managing clinics is a testament to her professional expertise and humble approach to serving the needs of pets and their owners.

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Client-Centered Approach: Her exceptional ability to build solid and enduring relationships with her clients sets Tina apart. Rooted in open communication, empathy, and a genuine understanding of the human-animal bond, Tina combines professional expertise with a personal touch that clients truly appreciate.

Team Leadership: Tina takes pride in working alongside a talented team of veterinary health care providers. Her leadership style is characterized by a collaborative spirit, fostering a positive work environment where each team member contributes their skills to deliver compassionate care. She humbly values the collective effort of the team.

Knowledge-Driven Compassion: Driven by a passion for knowledge and a commitment to continuous improvement, Tina stays informed about the latest developments in veterinary medicine. This knowledge-driven approach is complemented by unwavering compassion, ensuring each animal receives expert care and genuine warmth.

Home Life: Tina finds joy in her home life away from the clinic. She is a devoted wife to Wayne and a loving mother to two wonderful children, Aidan and Aerin. The McGrath household is also shared with beloved pets—Hunter, Saffron, and Stella, who bring immeasurable joy and companionship.

Hobbies: When Tina steps away from work, she embraces the great outdoors and the tranquility of cottage life. Whether exploring nature trails, enjoying a day on the water, or simply unwinding with her family and pets, Tina finds solace and rejuvenation in the world’s beauty beyond the clinic doors.


Dr. Sarah Murdoch

Associate Veterinarian

From a young age, Dr. Sarah Murdoch’s deep-seated affection for animals set the course for her life’s journey. Her passion blossomed through volunteer work and various roles in animal care, culminating in the realization that veterinary medicine was her true calling. In 2010, she proudly graduated from the esteemed Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph.

After graduation she joined the Windrush family which provided her an enriching environment to explore her diverse interests within the veterinary field. Dr. Murdoch’s commitment to excellence is reflected in her continuous pursuit of knowledge. Engaging in ongoing education courses allows her to employ a dynamic approach to animal care by seeking new and improved ways to enhance patient treatments and craft innovative solutions to her patients’ challenges. 

Away from the clinic, Dr. Murdoch finds solace and joy in various pursuits. She enjoys spending time in her garden, playing hockey, relaxing at the cottage and snuggling with her own cherished furry family members.  

Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly

Office Manager/Registered Veterinary Technician

Michelle has been a valued member of the Windrush team since May 2008, shortly after graduating with honors from the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus with a degree in Veterinary Technology.

Throughout her career, Michelle has demonstrated a particular interest in exotic and wildlife medicine. She gained invaluable experience while working alongside Dr. Crombie and being a vital part of the Brant County Wildlife rescue. Her passion for animals also led her to spend some years in after-hours urgent care, where she undoubtedly made a significant impact. After six years of working in after-hours care, she decided to shift her focus towards management knowledge within the clinic, contributing to the overall efficiency of the practice.

Over her 15-year journey with Windrush, Michelle has formed deep and cherished relationships with the staff, clients, and their beloved pets. She takes great pride in the bonds she has built with generations of families and their pets. Witnessing patients from their infancy through to their senior years is a unique opportunity that very few veterinary technicians have the privilege of experiencing.

Outside of work, Michelle and her husband find joy in traveling and spending quality time with their fur babies. Their household includes their dog, Jolene, and their cats, Doris and Frankie.


Randi Young

Registered Veterinary Technician

Randi graduated from the University of Guelph, Ridgetown College Campus in 2009 from the Veterinary Technology Program. She completed her externship at Windrush in 2009, joined the team full-time in 2011 and has been a vital member of the hospital ever since.

With a deep passion for providing the best care for her patients, Randi excels in her role. What she treasures most about her work at Windrush is the strong and close relationships she’s able to build with clients and their pets. She values the clinic’s commitment to maintaining a high level of client communication and exceptional customer service, ensuring that both the animals and their owners receive the best care possible.

Randi spent numerous years caring for stray and feral felines in Oxford County. Her commitment to addressing overpopulation issues in outdoor feline colonies led her to establish a small organization in 2013. Through this initiative, Randi played a pivotal role in spaying and neutering over 400 homeless felines. She also found loving homes for more than 100 cats and kittens who might never have had the chance for a family of their own.

Randi continues to be a valued member of the Windrush Team, balancing her work part-time with her role as a dedicated mother to her two young children. Her unwavering commitment to animals and her community, both past and present, makes her an integral part of the Windrush family.

Ariel Bartlett

Ariel Bartlett

Veterinary Technician

Ariel’s journey with Windrush Vet Services began in 2013 when she stepped in for Vickey during her maternity leave. Since then, the bonds formed with the team, clients, and their cherished pets have deeply shaped her ongoing pursuit in the veterinary field. Returning in 2022, Ariel became an essential part of WVS once more, joining as a valued member of the technician team.

Outside her veterinary endeavors, Ariel delights in photography, the art of cross-stitching, exploring forest trails. At home, she enjoys cozy moments with her husband and trio of cats. Her nurturing spirit extends to her carefully tended collection of houseplants.

Vickey Willms

Vickey Olmsted


In her role as a client care specialist, Vickey demonstrates exceptional skills in telephone communications and is adept at efficiently triaging phone calls. She excels at building and maintaining strong client relationships, making her an invaluable part of the veterinary team. Her dedication to ensuring that the “trip to the Doctors” is as stress-free as possible for both the clients and their pets is a testament to her commitment to providing compassionate care.

Outside of her work, Vickey’s passion for the outdoors is evident. She spends her free time enjoying nature with her family, whether it’s hiking, tending to horses, or simply relaxing around a campfire. Her two loyal companions, Daphne, an Irish Setter, and Buddy, a Jack Russell Terrier, are always by her side.